Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Tue Nov 17 17:39:22 CET 2015

The 1.9.0 version of SeaBIOS has now been released.  For more
information on the release, please see:


New in this release:

* The default boot menu key is now the ESC key (instead of F12)
* Initial support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware and BIOS calls
* Initial support for chain loading SeaBIOS from Grub (via multiboot
* Initial support for booting from SD cards on real hardware
* virtio 1.0 device support
* The build will no longer include the build hostname or build time on
  "clean" builds.  This makes the build binaries more "reproducible".
* Basic support for running SeaBIOS on Baytrail Chromebooks
* SeaVGABIOS improvements:
    * Improved support for old versions of x86emu (the "leal"
      instruction is now emulated)
* Several bug fixes and code cleanups

For information on obtaining SeaBIOS, please see:


===== git shortlog -n rel-1.8.0..rel-1.9.0 =====

Kevin O'Connor (126):
      docs: add page for SeaVGABIOS
      docs: Add page describing the patch contribution process
      docs: Add page on available CBFS/fw_cfg runtime config files
      docs: Prefer triple backticks to multiple lines with single backticks
      smp: Fix smp race introduced in 0673b787
      docs: Note release date of 1.8.1
      vgabios: On bda_save_restore() the saved vbe_mode also has flags in it
      vgabios: Don't use extra stack if it appears a modern OS is in use
      docs: Clarify that pci-optionrom-exec doesn't apply to roms in cbfs
      checkstack: Replace function information tuple with class
      checkstack: Simplify yield calculations
      checkstack: Prefer passing "function" class instead of function address
      smbios: Use integer signature instead of string signature
      vgabios: Don't use "smsww" instruction - it confuses x86emu
      vgabios: Add config option for assembler fixups
      vgabios: Emulate "leal" instruction
      checkstack: Minor - continue if not a regular asm line
      Don't forward declare functions with "inline" in headers
      build: Support "make VERSION=xyz" to override the default build version
      tcg: Use seabios setup()/prepboot() calling convention for tcg
      build: CONFIG_VGA_FIXUP_ASM should depend on CONFIG_BUILD_VGABIOS
      bootorder: Update "extra pci root" buses bootorder format to match qemu
      Make sure all code checks for malloc failures
      docs: Note release date of 1.8.2
      block: Split process_op() command dispatch up into multiple functions
      block: Introduce default_process_op() with common command handling codes
      block: Route scsi style commands through 'struct disk_op_s'
      blockcmd: Introduce scsi_fill_cmd()
      ata: Handle ATA ATAPI drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      ahci: Handle AHCI ATAPI drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      usb-msc: Handle USB drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      usb-uas: Handle USB drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      lsi-scsi: Handle LSI drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      esp-scsi: Handle ESP drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      megasas: Handle Megasas drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      virtio-scsi: Handle virtio drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      pvscsi: Move pvscsi_fill_req() code into pvscsi_cmd()
      pvscsi: Handle pvscsi drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests
      blockcmd: Remove unused scsi_process_op() and cdb_cmd_data()
      blockcmd: Convert cdb_is_read() to scsi_is_read()
      block: Rename process_XXX_op() functions to XXX_process_op()
      coreboot: Try to auto-detect if the CBFS anchor pointer is a relative pointer
      ps2: Support mode for polling the PS2 port instead of using irqs
      ata: Make sure "chanid" is relative to PCI device for bootorder file
      Don't enable interrupts prior to IVT and PIC setup
      ps2: Don't wait 100ms to discard possible extra reset receive byte
      timer: Delay timestamp counter init until after pmtimer is probed
      timer: Add CONFIG_TSC_TIMER build option to disable the CPU TSC timer
      ramdisk: Allow ramdisk support (CONFIG_FLASH_FLOPPY) under QEMU
      Minor - move declaration of CDRom_locks to code that uses it
      smm: ignore bits 16,18-31 of SMM revision ID at runtime too
      vgafb: Minor - move gfx_common() variables outside of switch statement
      sdcard: Check if card is present before sending commands to card
      sdcard: Implement controller frequency setting according to sdhci spec
      sdcard: Make sure controller support 3.3V before enabling it
      sdcard: Set timeout control register during init (to max allowed timeout)
      sdcard: Improve SD card initialization command sequence
      sdcard: Add proper delays during card power up
      mptable: Don't create mptable if it is very large
      optionroms: Don't run option rom on PCI bar if CBFS/fw_cfg version exists
      edd: Pass the segment/offset from int 1348 calls using a 'struct segoff_s'
      edd: Reduce parameters to fill_generic_edd()
      Move CanInterrupt check to check_irqs()
      Call cpu_relax() if yielding prior to interrupts being enabled
      sdcard: Fix typo - use sdcard_pio() instead of sdcard_pio_app()
      sdcard: Fill command bits according to spec
      sdcard: Support SDHCI v3.00 spec clock setting
      sdcard: Move power setup to new function sdcard_set_power()
      sdcard: Power controller up to maximum voltage supported
      sdcard: Power down controller on failure
      sdcard: The card should never be in a busy state at start of sdcard_pio()
      sdcard: Implement timeout on every block read in sdcard_pio_transfer()
      sdcard: Rename waitw() to sdcard_waitw() and simplify
      sdcard: Perform a controller reset at start of init
      sdcard: Check for error events during sdcard_pio()
      sdcard: Initial support for MMC cards
      sdcard: Allow the sdcard driver to run on real hardware
      rtc: Support disabling the RTC timer irq support
      Add minimal support for machines without hardware interrupts
      ps2: Eliminate "etc/ps2-poll-only"; use CONFIG_HARDWARE_IRQ instead
      sdcard: Allow sdcard addresses to be specified in CBFS files
      xhci: Minor - add USB port type comments to xhci_hub_reset()
      docs: Don't use an add-symbol-file offset when describing gdb debugging
      rtc: Disable NMI in rtc_mask()
      sdcard: Move sdcard_set_frequency()/sdcard_set_power() in sdcard.c
      sdcard: Move frequency setting into sdcard_card_setup()
      sdcard: Move drive registration to sdcard_card_setup()
      sdcard: Turn card_type into a bitmap and store if card is MMC type
      sdcard: Display sdcard product name in boot menu
      sdcard: Obtain card capacity and report it on the boot menu
      megasas: Use outl() on MFI_IDB register
      minor - correct spelling error in comment
      Simplify transition16/32 assembler code
      docs: Minor - add "code relocation" link to "Execution and code flow" document
      Unify smm/sloppy variants of call32_prep/post and call16_helper
      Rename Call32Data to Call16Data
      Unify inline assembler in variants of call16 functions
      Unify call32_sloppy() and call32()
      Use transition32_nmi_off from call32() and call16_back()
      Consolidate code16*() functions
      Always enable caching on transition32; backup/restore cr0 on call32
      e820: Introduce e820_remove() and avoid exporting E820_HOLE
      e820: Rename memmap.c to e820map.c and use consistent "e820_" prefix
      e820: Update debugging messages to report 64bit values
      virtio: Simplify vring alignment code
      virtio: Move standard definitions from virtio-ring.h to standard headers
      malloc: Use consistent naming for internal low-level "alloc" functions
      malloc: Introduce common helper alloc_new_detail()
      malloc: Add warning if free() called on invalid memory
      malloc: Don't mix virtual and physical addresses
      memmap: Introduce SYMBOL() macro to access linker script symbols
      build: Rework version generation; don't allow make version override
      build: Report gcc and binutils versions in debug log
      build: Generate "reproducible" version strings on "clean" builds
      stacks: Use macro wrappers for call32() and stack_hop_back()
      malloc: Rename csm_malloc_preinit() to malloc_csm_preinit()
      build: Be more permissive in buildversion.py tool version scan
      docs: Document 'make EXTRAVERSION=xyz' and scripts/tarball.sh
      build: Allow official tarball builds to be considered "clean"
      coreboot: Minor - avoid K&R style function declaration
      biostables: Minor - fix incorrect indentation
      virtio: Minor - replace tab characters with space
      docs: Minor - replace seavgabios text in Build_overview.md with link
      buildversion: Avoid subprocess.check_output() as that requires python2.7
      buildversion: Add debugging messages
      docs: Note v1.9.0 release

Gerd Hoffmann (28):
      vga: simplify vga builds
      vga: rework virtio-vga support
      vga: add virtio-vga to kconfig
      pci: allow to loop over capabilities
      virtio: run drivers in 32bit mode
      virtio: add struct vp_device
      virtio: pass struct pci_device to vp_init_simple
      virtio: add version 1.0 structs and #defines
      virtio: add version 0.9.5 struct
      virtio: find version 1.0 virtio capabilities
      virtio: create vp_cap struct for legacy bar
      virtio: add read/write functions and macros
      virtio: make features 64bit, support version 1.0 features
      virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_{get,set}_status
      virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_get_isr
      virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_reset
      virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_notify
      virtio: remove unused vp_del_vq
      virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_find_vq
      virtio-scsi: fix initialization for version 1.0
      virtio-blk: fix initialization for version 1.0
      virtio: use version 1.0 if available (flip the big switch)
      virtio: also probe version 1.0 pci ids
      virtio: legacy cleanup
      virtio-blk: 32bit cleanup
      virtio-scsi: 32bit cleanup
      virtio-ring: 32bit cleanup
      virtio-pci: use high memory for rings

Stefan Berger (9):
      Add an implementation of a TPM TIS driver
      Implementation of the TCG BIOS extensions
      Support for BIOS interrupt handler
      Add 'measurement' code to the BIOS
      tpm: Introduce a #define for command tag
      tpm: Be consistent with array sizes in tcgbios.c
      tpm: clean up parameters to build_and_send_cmd
      tpm: Clean up in tcgbios.h
      tpm: Move call to tpm_option_rom into init_optionrom

Paolo Bonzini (4):
      boot.c: delay exiting boot if menu key is ESC
      boot: switch default menu key to ESC
      smm: ignore bits 16,18-31 of SMM revision ID
      smm: fix outl argument order

Vladimir Serbinenko (3):
      ahci: Ignore max_ports.
      Link rom.o with -N option.
      Add multiboot support.

Marcel Apfelbaum (2):
      fw/pci: scan all buses if extraroots romfile is present
      fw/pci: map memory and IO regions for multiple pci root buses

Stefan Weil (2):
      megasas: Fix outw, outl argument order
      Fix typos found by codespell

Ameya Palande (1):
      x86: add barrier to read{b,w,l} and write{b,w,l} functions

Andreas Färber (1):
      checkrom: Fix typo in error message

Chen Fan (1):
      pci: enable SERR# for error forwarding in bridge control register

Julius Werner (1):
      xhci: Count new Max Scratchpad Bufs bits from XHCI 1.1

Kyösti Mälkki (1):
      PCI SDHCI driver: Fix base address

Magnus Granberg (1):
      build: use -fstack-check=no when available

Marc Marí (1):
      Add QEMU fw_cfg DMA interface

Paulo Alcantara (1):
      ich9: initialise RCBA register through LPC interface

Quan Xu (1):
      make SeaBios compatible with Xen vTPM.

tpearson at raptorengineeringinc.com (1):
      Add an option to only execute option ROMs contained in CBFS

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