[SeaBIOS] USB3 problems

Wim Vervoorn wvervoorn at eltan.com
Wed Nov 4 16:30:52 CET 2015


I am running into issues when using USB3 sticks in a system (on an XHCI controller).

When I am using a single USB3 stick it gets detected properly. When I am using 2 USB3 sticks only one is detected. When using one USB3 and a USB2 stick it depends on the slots. In one case both are detected in the other case only the USB2 stick.

I was first blaming this on the XHCI controller initialization but I have now reproduced this same issue on two completely different systems. One base on AMD Steppe Eagle and the other on an Intel Braswell.

Does this sound familiar? Has anyone run into this before. (I am using two ADAT CI03 sticks)

The SeaBIOS version I am using is 9efbc0f43d0b50a0f314cff98c3b612e5dfb3ed5

Best Regards,
Wim Vervoorn

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