[SeaBIOS] qemu cannot find boot disk with seabios when vcpus is 76

Han, Huaitong huaitong.han at intel.com
Tue Jul 28 11:25:42 CEST 2015


When qemu vcpus value is 76~86, the qemu cannot find boot disk.

The problem happens on seabios: mptable_setup will use much ZoneFSeg
memory with the increase of the vcpus,and init_atadrive zonefseg
allocation fails,so the seabios cannot find disk. 87 vcpus works just
because mptable_setup ZoneFSeg allocation fails, then init_atadrive gets
the memory.

Because I am not familiar with bios, init_atadrive with ZoneLow or
ZoneHigh instead of ZoneFSeg causes problems. and ZoneFSeg does not seem
to be extended. init_atadrive also cannot be ahead of mptable_setup.

it maybe a way for qemu that using "CONFIG_MPTABLE"  to omit
mptable_setup, because qemu with 87 and more vcpus works well. 

Any advices can be given to me for the bugfix ?


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