[SeaBIOS] [PATCH] Add option to only execute CBFS option ROMs

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Feb 11 03:02:28 CET 2015

Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>> Is there anything else that needs to be done before this can be merged?
>> Have you considered creating a more fine-grained control knob than
>> simply global on/off?
>> Maybe a BDF blacklist, perhaps stored in CBFS?
> I might implement something like that in the future if I have 
> time/inclination, but for now the on/off switch is sufficient.

Sufficient sure, but it is certainly using a sledgehammer to pound a nail.

Adding a blacklist instead is probably very quick. Pretty please? :)
(Ultimately Kevin will decide, but maybe he also likes a blacklist.)

> The proposed patch also allows the user to have a completely
> blob-free system if desired.

More general wins over fan(boy|girl) idealistic every time with me.


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