[SeaBIOS] [PATCH 00/10] Some TPM simplifications

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Wed Dec 30 01:17:40 CET 2015

The following series involves some code reorganization in the TPM code
that I found useful in understanding the code.

Patches 3-5 simplify the hardware interface by only exporting three
commands to the underlying TIS hardware (tpmhw_probe, tpmhw_transmit,

Patches 8-10 simplify the parameters to the build_and_send_cmd()

The remaining patches are mostly just code reorg.

I have only compile tested these changes.


Kevin O'Connor (10):
  tpm: Add banner separating the TCG bios interface code from TCG menu
  tpm: Avoid macro expansion of tpm request / response structs
  tpm: Simplify hardware probe and detection checks
  tpm: Add wrapper function tpm_set_timeouts()
  tpm: Move TPM hardware functions from tcgbios.c to hw/tpm_drivers.c
  tpm: Rework TPM interface shutdown support
  tpm: Simplify tcpa probe
  tpm: Introduce tpm_get_capability() helper function
  tpm: Eliminate response buffer parameter from build_and_send_cmd()
  tpm: Return returnCode from build_and_send_cmd() instead of via
    pointer param

 src/hw/tpm_drivers.c |  84 ++++++
 src/hw/tpm_drivers.h |  28 +-
 src/std/tcg.h        |  55 ++--
 src/tcgbios.c        | 704 +++++++++++++++------------------------------------
 4 files changed, 317 insertions(+), 554 deletions(-)


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