[SeaBIOS] SeaBIOS recognising USB 3.0 on boot works - partly

edward wandasiewicz 0.w3ntd at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 12:51:16 CET 2015

I managed to replicate a scenario 2 but with Type-C instead of USB 3,
with both 42-g9c58583 and 43-g55de21d

2(b)  NO - Type C & Type C - once each (Philips & Muskin) - but double
Philips showing



I thought, lets try swapping over the devices, but keeping the same
Type-C cables on the left and right hand side and see what happens.

I get scenario 5.

5. NO - Type C & Type C - one Philiips & no Mushkin


What I did notice, was there was no "yellow light" appear on the
Mushkin device, when I saw the SeaBIOS list of bootable devices. It
was only after moving the cable, or letting a few seconds pass
(5-10+), or a combination of both, did the yellow light on the Mushkin
device start to appear, indicating the device was receiving power.

What I then noticed, was when booting the Pixel 2015, and the Chrome
"OS Verification is OFF" is displayed, the Mushkin "yellow light"
appears, indicating the device is receiving power, before we ever get
to SeaBIOS, which makes me think scenario 5 is a "device not receiving
power properly" for some reason.

I'm starting to wish I never found either of these 2 USB devices. I'm
sure we'll get to the bottom of it... :)


On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 10:17 PM, Kevin O'Connor <kevin at koconnor.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 07:02:14PM -0500, Kevin O'Connor wrote:
>> The double detection looks like the controller doing something weird.
>> I need to look closer at the spec, but I don't think I'll be able to
>> do that until later in the week.
> After reviewing the spec I have a guess to what is occurring.  Can you
> pull the "testing" branch again and retry?
> -Kevin
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