[SeaBIOS] No graphics with QEMU, coreboot, SeaBIOS und SeaVGABIOS

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 6 09:04:48 CEST 2014

Am Sonntag, den 05.10.2014, 10:39 -0400 schrieb Kevin O'Connor:
> On Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 10:24:20AM +0200, Paul Menzel wrote:

> > testing QEMU with coreboot built from commit a296f9e3 (Kconfig: Allow
> > native vga init to be selectable for SeaBIOS payload) [1] and SeaBIOS
> > and SeaVGABIOS (selected in coreboot’s Payload menu), SeaBIOS does not
> > display any graphics although the console says, it has initialized it.
> [...]
> >         $ qemu-system-i386 -bios build/coreboot.rom -hda /dev/zero -serial stdio
> >         […]
> >         Scan for VGA option rom
> >         Running option rom at c000:0003
> >         pmm call arg1=0
> >         Running option rom at c980:0003
> >         Start SeaVGABIOS (version rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20141004_165959-my-qemu-system)
> Note the above shows that two vga option roms got executed.  One was
> the onboard vga rom that QEMU provides, and the second was seavgabios.
> Try adding "-device cirrus-vga,romfile=" to your qemu command line to
> force qemu to not provide an option rom in the vga pci rom bar.

With that option, no QEMU window is opened at all.

        $ qemu-system-i386 -bios 20141003--coreboot--qemu-seabios-seavgabios-not-working.rom -hda /dev/zero -serial stdio -device cirrus-vga,romfile=
        Scan for VGA option rom
        Running option rom at c000:0003
        Start SeaVGABIOS (version rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20141004_165959-mattotaupa)
        enter vga_post:
           a=00000000  b=0000ffff  c=00000000  d=0000ffff ds=0000 es=f000 ss=0000
          si=00000000 di=00007020 bp=00000000 sp=00006e1a cs=f000 ip=d32d  f=0000
        coreboot vga init
        Found FB @ fc000000 800x600 with 32 bpp (3200 stride)
        set VGA mode 140
        Attempting to allocate VGA stack via pmm call to f000:d3a2


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