[SeaBIOS] Is it possible to implement a virtual CD drive in SeaBIOS and boot computer from an ISO image?

刘俊峰 rufi at 163.com
Fri Nov 28 03:43:08 CET 2014

Hi SeaBios,

Since almost all OS distributions are released as ISO images, either setup CD or Live CD. Normally we need to burn the ISO image to optical disk or USB disk, but CD drives are die out and USB disk may not be compatible for a successful boot up. It will be extremely good if user can boot computer from any of these CD images with great ease. I know GRUB can load an ISO file, but once the OS on it takes over the CPU the CD no longer exists, you know, this have many restrictions . What we want is a virtual CD drive comparable to that provided by a virtual machine software(e.g. VirtualBox). So I wonder whether a virtual CD drive implemented at BIOS level can persist even after OS is boot up?

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