[SeaBIOS] new tag request for seabios

Pandey, Sunil K sunil.k.pandey at intel.com
Fri Nov 21 21:55:43 CET 2014

> Can you confirm the patch below on top of rel- fixes the issue for you?

Yes, it works. I applied this patch on latest seabios- sources and it compile successfully with Intel Compiler as well as with GCC4.9.1.

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On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 08:03:29PM +0000, Pandey, Sunil K wrote:
> > Is this the only thing preventing compilation on the Intel compiler?
> Yes, this is the only problem for Intel compiler.
> I can directly use from git checkout but issue is, SeaBios is 
> indirectly included in many other open source applications which is 
> based on SeaBios release tag. Anytime, when I try to compile other 
> open source applications (i.e. Xen), indirectly it try to compile 
> SeaBios and Intel Compiler fail because of this issue.

Okay.  We're likely a couple of months out from the next major release.  It may be a candidate for the stable branch, which Gerd maintains.

Can you confirm the patch below on top of rel- fixes the issue for you?


--- a/scripts/layoutrom.py
+++ b/scripts/layoutrom.py
@@ -175,10 +175,7 @@ def doLayout(sections, config, genreloc):
     # Determine 16bit positions
     li.sections16 = getSectionsCategory(sections, '16')
     textsections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.text.')
-    rodatasections = (
-        getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata.str1.1')
-        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata.__func__.')
-        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata.__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.'))
+    rodatasections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata')
     datasections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.data16.')
     fixedsections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.fixedaddr.')
@@ -191,10 +188,7 @@ def doLayout(sections, config, genreloc):
     # Determine 32seg positions
     li.sections32seg = getSectionsCategory(sections, '32seg')
     textsections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.text.')
-    rodatasections = (
-        getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata.str1.1')
-        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata.__func__.')
-        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata.__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.'))
+    rodatasections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata')
     datasections = getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.data32seg.')
     li.sec32seg_start, li.sec32seg_align = setSectionsStart(

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