[SeaBIOS] new tag request for seabios

Pandey, Sunil K sunil.k.pandey at intel.com
Fri Nov 21 20:04:47 CET 2014

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for response. Following are specific change I'm talking about. Compilers are not expected to create .rodata.str1.1, .rodata.__func__ and .rodata.__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.  If compiler decide to use some other .rodata__ suffix name in place of __func__, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ or str1.1, it breaks the compilation. 
As you can see someone already taken out that check from SeaBios mainline, but still has.   As a result of this assumption, whenever I try to build SeaBios with Intel Compiler it Fail because Intel compiler uses some other character in place of __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ and __func__. It will be great if you can incorporate this fix in released version.

Layoutrom.py file check for

From SeaBios mainline (layoutrom.py): 

180	    rodatasections = getSectionsPrefix(sections16, '.rodata')
193	    rodatasections = getSectionsPrefix(sections32seg, '.rodata')

From (layoutrom.py):

178	    rodatasections = (
179	        getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata.str1.1')␊
180	        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata.__func__.')
181	        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections16, '.rodata.__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.'))

194	    rodatasections = (
195	        getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata.str1.1')
196	        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata.__func__.')
197	        + getSectionsPrefix(li.sections32seg, '.rodata.__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.'))


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On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 09:20:22PM +0000, Pandey, Sunil K wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for a fix in
> http://code.coreboot.org/p/seabios/source/tree/master/scripts/layoutro
> m.py file. Apparently the fix is already in the master, but it's hard 
> for me to use directly from master. Currently all existing tags are 
> old and doesn't reflect latest layoutrom.py changes.
> Can you please create a new tag from master so that I can use it in my 
> project?  I'm trying to compile seabios code with Intel compiler, but 
> it keep failing because of layoutrom.py file __func__ check.

Can you post the error that you are seeing?

We just tagged rel- and it included all the build bug fixes that I know of.  There are changes to scripts/layoutrom.py between
rel- and the current master branch, but none of those changes were thought to be bug fixes.


PS - please post in just plain text (no html) in the future.

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