[SeaBIOS] resolution 1366x768

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Nov 17 18:02:23 CET 2014

17.11.2014 17:29, Bozhan Boiadzhiev wrpte:
> According to Google [..] most popular screen resolution since 2010 is 1366x786

I wrote:

>> But even if it _is_ real, it does not make this resolution any less weird.

(I didn't say the _resolution_ isn't real - I know it is real and I know
it is in use.  I was questioning the reality of the popularity part).

But note again: despite its popularity, it isn't sufficient to add it
to seabios, other parts of the picture should support it too, and we
have a widely used piece of software (qemu) which does not support it
currently and is known to crash if someone tries to use this resolution.
_That_ should be fixed first, and it is not a task of adding 3 simple
lines to resolutions table, it is a bit more than that.



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