[SeaBIOS] seabios stable release -- last call for patches

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Mon Nov 10 11:40:21 CET 2014


I'm busy preparing a stable release for seabios, to be released
within the next few days, so we can include it into the upcoming qemu
2.2 release.

Currently the 1.7.5-stable branch has these patches (git shortlog):

Hannes Reinecke (1):
      megasas: read addional PCI I/O bar

Kevin O'Connor (5):
      boot: Change ":rom%d" boot order rom instance to ":rom%x"
      vgabios: Return from handle_1011() if handler found.
      Don't enable thread preemption during S3 resume vga option rom
      build: Avoid absolute paths during "whole-program" compiling.
      ehci: Fix bug in hub port assignment

Marcel Apfelbaum (1):
      hw/pci: reserve IO and mem for pci express downstream ports with
no devices attached

Markus Armbruster (1):
      boot: Fix boot order for SCSI target, lun > 9

Anyone has requests / suggestions for additional patches being
cherry-picked from master?


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