[SeaBIOS] [PATCH v3] Update EFI_COMPATIBILITY16_TABLE to match 0.98 spec update

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Wed May 21 15:52:13 CEST 2014

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 11:15:44AM +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Tue, 2014-05-20 at 14:22 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > 
> > However, this doesn't work if I have both CONFIG_MALLOC_UPPERMEMORY
> > *and* CONFIG_EXTRA_STACK enabled.


I don't see how CONFIG_ENTRY_EXTRASTACK would have an impact, as we
allocate and use the same extra stack regardless of that config

> Hm, this appears to be because rom_get_max() is returning 0xef000,
> causing us to ask UEFI to leave only the range 0xef000-0xf0000
> writeable. And that doesn't work quite so nicely when we use the extra
> stack which in my case is at 0xef520.

Why is it wrong to declare memory at 0xef000-0xf0000 and have a stack
at 0xef520-0xefd20?

> Is rom_get_max() not what I should be using for this?

That is the right function (when CONFIG_MALLOC_UPPERMEMORY).  It's
what fw/shadow.c:make_bios_readonly_intel() uses.


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