[SeaBIOS] [Qemu-devel] WfW setup and DOS display.sys hanging

Dennis Waters dennis123321 at googlemail.com
Thu May 1 20:56:59 CEST 2014


Using the latest Qemu2 and Seabios1.7.4 (I've tried stable and git for
both) -- I still have this issue with QEMU hanging on display.sys with
I can confirm on all compiled sources the structs already had your "PACKED"
patch applied

If I swap out vgabios-cirrus.bin for the older lgplvgabios (
savannah.gnu.org/download/vgabios/vgabios-0.7a.cirrus.bin) it boots OK with
"-vga cirrus"

As requested, below is the debug log from a freshly compiled QEMU2. It sits
at 100% cpu when MSDOS tries to load display.sys.
I also took the same log file from a successful boot with 0.7a vgabios.
Please let me know if you want that posting here too.

Thanks for your time!

------ Log file using -chardev stdio,id=seabios -device
isa-debugcon,iobase=0x402,chardev=seabios ------

Start bios (version rel-1.7.4-0-g96917a8-20140501_004118-e6540)
No Xen hypervisor found.
Running on QEMU (i440fx)
RamSize: 0x02000000 [cmos]
Relocating init from 0x000dfe89 to 0x01fdf190 (size 69036)
Found QEMU fw_cfg
RamBlock: addr 0x0000000000000000 len 0x0000000002000000 [e820]
CPU Mhz=2651
=== PCI bus & bridge init ===
PCI: pci_bios_init_bus_rec bus = 0x0
=== PCI device probing ===
Found 4 PCI devices (max PCI bus is 00)
=== PCI new allocation pass #1 ===
PCI: check devices
=== PCI new allocation pass #2 ===
PCI: 32: 0000000080000000 - 00000000fec00000
PCI: map device bdf=00:01.1  bar 4, addr 0000c000, size 00000010 [io]
PCI: map device bdf=00:02.0  bar 6, addr febe0000, size 00010000 [mem]
PCI: map device bdf=00:02.0  bar 1, addr febf0000, size 00001000 [mem]
PCI: map device bdf=00:02.0  bar 0, addr fc000000, size 02000000 [prefmem]
PCI: init bdf=00:00.0 id=8086:1237
PCI: init bdf=00:01.0 id=8086:7000
PIIX3/PIIX4 init: elcr=00 0c
PCI: init bdf=00:01.1 id=8086:7010
PCI: init bdf=00:02.0 id=1013:00b8
PCI: Using 00:02.0 for primary VGA
Found 1 cpu(s) max supported 1 cpu(s)
MP table addr=0x000f0b70 MPC table addr=0x000f0b80 size=192
SMBIOS ptr=0x000f0b50 table=0x000f0a20 size=304
Scan for VGA option rom
Running option rom at c000:0003
Start SeaVGABIOS (version
enter vga_post:
   a=00000010  b=0000ffff  c=00000000  d=0000ffff ds=0000 es=f000 ss=0000
  si=00000000 di=00006580 bp=00000000 sp=00006d1a cs=f000 ip=d256  f=0000
cirrus init
cirrus init 2
Attempting to allocate VGA stack via pmm call to f000:d2ce
pmm call arg1=0
VGA stack allocated at ed790
Turning on vga text mode console
set VGA mode 3
cirrus mode switch regular
SeaBIOS (version rel-1.7.4-0-g96917a8-20140501_004118-e6540)
Found 1 lpt ports
Found 1 serial ports
Searching bootorder for: /pci at i0cf8/isa at 1/fdc at 03f0/floppy at 0
ATA controller 1 at 1f0/3f4/0 (irq 14 dev 9)
ATA controller 2 at 170/374/0 (irq 15 dev 9)
ata0-0: QEMU HARDDISK ATA-7 Hard-Disk (512 MiBytes)
Searching bootorder for: /pci at i0cf8/*@1,1/drive at 0/disk at 0
Searching bootorder for: /pci at i0cf8/*@1,1/drive at 1/disk at 0
PS2 keyboard initialized
All threads complete.
Scan for option roms
Searching bootorder for: /rom at genroms/kvmvapic.bin
Searching bootorder for: HALT
drive 0x000f09a0: PCHS=1040/16/63 translation=none LCHS=1024/16/63 s=1048576
Running option rom at c900:0003
Space available for UMB: cb800-ec800, f0000-f0940
Returned 65536 bytes of ZoneHigh
e820 map has 5 items:
  0: 0000000000000000 - 000000000009fc00 = 1 RAM
  1: 000000000009fc00 - 00000000000a0000 = 2 RESERVED
  2: 00000000000f0000 - 0000000000100000 = 2 RESERVED
  3: 0000000000100000 - 0000000002000000 = 1 RAM
  4: 00000000fffc0000 - 0000000100000000 = 2 RESERVED
enter handle_19:
Booting from Hard Disk...
Booting from 0000:7c00
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