[SeaBIOS] problem building from Windows using msys

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Tue Jun 3 00:27:23 CEST 2014

Kevin O'Connor [mailto:kevin at koconnor.net] wrote:

]On Sun, Jun 01, 2014 at 10:31:39PM -0500, Scott Duplichan wrote:
]> Building SeaBIOS from Windows using mingw has been broken for
]> a long time. The problem is that in this environment, line 100
]> of the makefile:
]>    $(Q)printf '$(foreach i,$2,#include "$(CURDIR)/$i"\n)' > $3.tmp.c
]> creates an include statement that the mingw port of gcc rejects:
]>    #include "/D/coreboot/build/seabios/src/misc.c"
]> Msys converts the Windows drive letter D:\ to a more
]> Unix-like /D/. But the mingw port of gcc needs D:\, not /d/.
]> While this problem might not be easy to solve, I did find
]> a work-around: use relative paths in the include statements
]> rather than absolute paths. In other words, change makefile
]> line 100 from this:
]>    $(Q)printf '$(foreach i,$2,#include "$(CURDIR)/$i"\n)' > $3.tmp.c
]> to this:
]>    $(Q)printf '$(foreach i,$2,#include "../$i"\n)' > $3.tmp.c
]Unfortunately, this would break builds where one specifies an OUT
]build directory that isn't a sub-directory of the source code.  (That
]is, a build with "make OUT=/a/b/c".)
]I've never tried building under Windows, and I'm not really sure how
]to help here.  Does passing the CURDIR via the command-line (as in the
]patch below) improve things?

Well sure enough, this patch solves the problem.

]--- a/Makefile
]+++ b/Makefile
]@@ -112,8 +112,8 @@ endif
] # Do a whole file compile by textually including all C code.
] define whole-compile
] @echo "  Compiling whole program $3"
]-$(Q)printf '$(foreach i,$2,#include "$(CURDIR)/$i"\n)' > $3.tmp.c
]-$(Q)$(CC) $1 $(CFLAGSWHOLE) -c $3.tmp.c -o $3
]+$(Q)printf '$(foreach i,$2,#include "$i"\n)' > $3.tmp.c
]+$(Q)$(CC) -I$(CURDIR) $1 $(CFLAGSWHOLE) -c $3.tmp.c -o $3
] endef
] %.strip.o: %.o

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