[SeaBIOS] Coreboot/Seabios cold boot laptop keyboard does not work

Inez G inezgarciab at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 01:18:21 CEST 2014

I have setup Coreboot with Seabios to run on a Lenovo X131e laptop.  It
works fine, except for the non-responsive keyboard on cold boots.

With a warm reboot (restart) I can use the laptop keyboard to press F10 and
then specify the number for  the operating system/drive I want to boot from.
But with a cold boot (from a previously powered-off state), the laptop
keyboard does not work until I get to the password prompt in linux.  So,
with a cold boot, Seabios just defaults to boot from the first device in the
boot order.

An external USB keyboard, however, works fine (for both cold and warm
reboots) to enter F10 for the boot order and to select the OS/drive I want.

I tried setting the boot-menu-wait and the ps2-keyboard-spinup options with
times as high as 90 seconds (90,000 milli sec), but the laptop keyboard
still did not work on a cold boot.  After the 90 seconds, Seabios just
selects the first device to boot from.

Any suggestions?


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