[SeaBIOS] Next release

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Fri Dec 12 20:50:43 CET 2014

I think it is time to start planning the next SeaBIOS release.  I'm
thinking of targeting a release around the end of January, with a
feature freeze in mid-January.

I'm thinking of calling the next release v1.8.  In previous releases,
three numbers were used (eg, v1.7.6), but there does not appear to be
a compelling reason to use more than two numbers (eg, v1.8) and the
two number approach is more similar to other projects (eg, QEMU and

I'm not planning on pushing out the conversion to full 32bit only
drivers in the next release.  I maintain a branch with that code at:
Such a change would potentially have backwards compatibility issues,
and I think it would be better to push a release with the current
enhancements (eg, the USB updates) first.


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