[SeaBIOS] [Qemu-devel] [RFC] map 64-bit PCI devices after all possible RAM

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Thu Oct 10 14:42:07 CEST 2013


> > > I think the issue is with legacy guests.
> > > E.g. if VCPU claims to support 50 bit of memory
> > > do we put high PCI memory at 1 << 50?
> > > If yes old guests which expect at most 40 bit
> > > will not be able to use it.
> > 
> > Hmm.  Sure such guests exist?
> I wouldn't be surprised. At least some windows
> guests crash if you try to tell them your system
> has too much physical memory (e.g. 2^48).

Ok, so there is not really a way around making the location
configurable.  The size isn't needed, qemu can handle this on it's own.

Guess we can just go with Igor's approach then.  "etc/mem64-end" is a
pretty bad name to say "please map 64bit pci bars here" though.


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