[SeaBIOS] [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH v4 07/30] Add SIZE type to qdev properties

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Wed Mar 20 15:24:24 CET 2013

On 03/20/2013 12:06 AM, li guang wrote:

>> +    return snprintf(dest, len, "%0.03f%c", (double)*ptr/div, suffixes[i]);
>                                     ^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  
>> +}
>> +
> IMHO, you may need (double)(*ptr/div), for type cast is right
> associated.

No, the code as written is correct, and your proposal would be wrong.
As written, it is evaluated as:

((double)*ptr) / div

which promotes the division to floating point.  Your proposal would do
the division (*ptr/div) as an integral (truncating) division, and only
then cast the result to double.

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