[SeaBIOS] [PATCH] Seabios: allow mapping of multiple PCI option ROMs to one

Dave Frodin dave.frodin at se-eng.com
Wed Jul 10 01:27:42 CEST 2013


I talked with Marc Jones about this and he sees value in the method I've proposed.
He also predicts that this will be an issue in the future on Intel motherboards.

The one major difference is that if you were building coreboot for a Family15 mainboard
you would only need to add one file (vendev_map) rather than 20 alias mapping files to
CBFS. I agree that the parsing code is more than clunky (what I wouldn't give for a sscanf()),
perhaps my patch could use some changes rather than throwing it out.

I'll re-attach my patch in case anybody wants to review it.

Thanks again,

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> > Did you ever get a chance to look over this patch?
> I don't see the gain in introducing a config file parser for this
> task.  What was wrong with the approach of creating "alias" files?
> -Kevin
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