[SeaBIOS] [coreboot] Patch number 4 for floppy in SeaBIOS

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Wed Dec 11 18:45:11 CET 2013

On Mon, Dec 09, 2013 at 06:57:31PM +0100, Gelip wrote:
> "If you weren't using 1.44Mb floppies, then something went very wrong.
> Otherwise, I'm not sure how the above could be related to the failure
> you are seeing."
> I always use floppy 3.5' 1.44MB.
> Does the use of FDD depend on CMOS Floppy Disk Controller settings? I noticed that WinXP display FDD in My Computer window (http://savepic.net/4018623.htm):
> - if coreboot + CMOS default from vendor BIOS: A: 3.5'
> - if coreboot + CMOS clear:                    A: 5.25' and B: 5.25'
> Maybe need apply CMOS.layout file to coreboot to resolve this problem?  I just do not know how to make this file for Abit BF6 mobo.

When SeaBIOS is configured for coreboot, it basically does not use the
CMOS at all.  SeaBIOS only reads the etc/floppy0 CBFS file to
determine if a floppy drive is present and its type.

Other operating systems may use cmos - in that case, it would be up to
coreboot to populate the cmos as required.  The failures you are
seeing are at the SeaBIOS level though, so I don't think that can be
the immiediate problem.


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