[SeaBIOS] seabios for qemu 1.5

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Wed Apr 24 07:59:36 CEST 2013


> b44a7be17bdd270ea029a8e2ec0c2e80c6cd0444 virtio-scsi: Pack struct virtio_scsi_{req_cmd,resp_cmd}
> 5a7730db57ab0715223421e65b54fb50d6fefe5c virtio-scsi: Set _DRIVER_OK flag before scsi target scanning

> Anthony + Gerd, can we expect an rev to pc-bios/bios.bin soon to pick up
> these seabios changes for vhost-scsi..?

I don't feel like placing a seabios git snapshot into qemu.

I think we should just cherry-pick everything we need for qemu 1.5 into
the 1.7.2-stable branch, roll out a release and put that into
qemu 1.5.

So, what will be needed?

  (1) The two commits listed above.
  (2) The patch for the pvpanic device (assuming it gets
      merged for 1.5).

Anything else?

Hard freeze for qemu 1.5 is next Wednesday.


PS: For qemu 1.6 (which will hopefully include the acpi table
    reorganization) we will need a new release from the master
    branch and thus a bit more careful release planning.

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