[SeaBIOS] Issues on initialization of PCI devices below root.

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Wed Nov 21 19:11:52 CET 2012

* lautriv <lautriv at coldplug.net> [121121 13:35]:
> Hello,
> i tried to get seabios up via payload from coreboot and failed on
> the initialisation
> of neccessary devices.
> The board in Question is a Tyan S4882, consisting of K8 northbridge,
> 8131 southbridge, 8111 southbridge and Winbond w83627hf SuperIO.
> You will see on the following pastebin-url that coreboot does a
> proper init and can see all relevant devices.
> I was also able to get VGA up via coreboot ( to reflect an
> accessible device below root ) but not from within seabios. It
> probes only against PCI 00:18.0 ... 00:18.3 which are on the
> northbridge itself.
> I had a look on the sources and found it should see and init the
> whole tree, also checked my sources against some patches i found on
> the net and they are all applied or superseded.

I think you need to change the board's HT configuration so that the
southbridge ends up on bus 0 instead of 1 (with no pci bridge pointing
to bus 1)


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