[SeaBIOS] [PATCH v3] DSDT: Fix HPET _CRS Method

Gabriel L. Somlo somlo at cmu.edu
Thu Nov 8 19:17:54 CET 2012

Hi Rene,

On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 06:41:42PM +0100, Rene Rebe wrote:
> Hi Gabriel,
> What did the Darwin kernel do before with -smp > 1?
> I ask, because for me it booted already, just was not stable.
> The question is: Is OS X stable for you with -smp > 1 under load?

I'm guessing your patched bios must have had the "IRQNoFlags" statement
in the HPET's DSDT entry, which is why OS X was willing to boot for you.

I was going for the least amount of change to current seabios git
master required to get it working, and got carried away (and forgot to
test on OS X + SMP) before submitting v2 of the patch :)


As for stability, I think that has to do with the kernel (KVM) MWAIT
patch. I'm using this now:


which emulates MONITOR and MWAIT as PAUSE, instead of preventing them
from causing VM exits and leaving them to be run from within the
guest's context.

So far, "-smp 8,cores=4" is rock solid (ran a few load tests I found
by googling).



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