[SeaBIOS] SeaBIOS as EFI application

Kenneth J. Davis jeremyd at fdos.org
Wed Nov 7 15:13:38 CET 2012

On Nov 7, 2012 8:50 AM, "Thorsten Glaser" <tg at mirbsd.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> with a signed shim by mjg59, it’s now possible to forcibly run unsigned
> applications on all EFI x86 systems. Even without it, on
> platforms, unsigned EFI applications can be run. The question is…
> … whether someone is working on having a SeaBIOS variant that itself
> is an EFI application, so that things like MS-DOS and MirBSD can be
> booted on an EFI computer (other than Macintosh, I’ve yet to see one,
> but that can probably change)?
> Pretty please ;-)
> Thanks in advance,
> //mirabilos (please Cc me, not on the list)
> --

I am not currently working on it, but have began learning about the SeaBIOS
and the shim loader to support booting FreeDOS and running many DOS
applications.   I would like to assist anyone who is working on an open
source (i.e. SeaBIOS based) BIOS compatibility layer to load on a UEFI
system lacking such support.   Or if such project already exists please
direct me to it.

Thank you,
Kenneth J Davis
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