[SeaBIOS] Seabios on Via pc2500e

Elisenda Cuadros lists at e4L.es
Thu Jan 5 18:11:34 CET 2012


I tried what you said and I can see the following:


6: 00000000ff000000 - 0000000100000000 = 2 RESERVED
d addr=0x00007000 len=89000

coreboot-4.0-1929-g79cfe7e-dirty Thu Jan  5 17:41:55 CET 2012 starting...


Debug level of SeaBIOS is set to 10.

How can we guess which thing is causing the problem?

Thank you.

Best regards,


On 05/01/2012 0:55, Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> Well, since you saw "d", but not "Jump to int19" it would indicate
> that it died in the memcpy (I assume your debug level was set to
> something higher than 3).  That's really strange - I don't know why it
> would halt there.  You could change the first dprintf to read
> something like:
> dprintf(1, "d addr=%p len=%x\n", (void*)BUILD_STACK_ADDR, BUILD_EBDA_MINIMUM - BUILD_STACK_ADDR);
> If the output makes sense (it should report 0x7000 and 0x89000) and it
> is really halting in the memset, then maybe coreboot is mapping
> something into the first 1 meg of ram - though that's just a wild
> guess.
> -Kevin

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