[SeaBIOS] Boot failure with MS-Dos 6.22 (due to bad BIOS build?)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Feb 27 17:20:11 CET 2012

Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Well, the Linux kernel can also be built with practically any distro
> out there.

Yeah. Maybe that gets tested more than building coreboot and SeaBIOS,
and so problems are discovered by those who introduce them.

> Having a need for a separate toolchain for building x86 on x86 is
> a bit overkill IMHO, at least for someone hacking on Seabios only
> infrequently like /me.

OTOH it takes about 20 minutes to build a toolchain on a reasonably
fast machine, and the script makes it quite effortless.

> PS: Please avoid "mail-followup-to" in your replies, it messes up To/CC.

Moved this discussion to private email.


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