[SeaBIOS] Boot failure with MS-Dos 6.22 (due to bad BIOS build?)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Feb 27 17:00:54 CET 2012

Jan Kiszka wrote:
> > Then I noticed, that if I rebuild the BIOS, from the exact same revision
> > revision that is committed in 'seabios' submodule in QEMU, then
> > it works fine. So AFAICT, it is not the Seabios source code at fault,
> > but rather the binary build we have commited to GIT. Should/can we rebuild
> > the bios.bin in GIT ?
> Probably not without understanding what causes this strange
> inconsistency. If Seabios builds without errors and then later on fails,
> this is also a bug.
> Kevin, what information do you need to assess my tool chain?

In the coreboot project we have more than 10 years of experience from
distribution toolchains consistently being too broken to build a
working coreboot image. The same problems apply to SeaBIOS.

As you know, distribution toolchains are heavily patched, presumably
to add some value to the distribution. The patches work fine when the
toolchains should output userland binaries or the odd kernel. They
fail frequently and in countless ways when used to produce bare metal

Within coreboot it is much less effort to build an i386-elf cross
toolchain than to mess with the hundreds if not thousands of issues
in the distribution toolchains. The same applies to SeaBIOS of
course. The script we use in coreboot is here:


If you want to investigate and spend time on motivating distributions
to unbreak their toolchains that's awesome, but be prepared to spend
many weeks disassembling binaries and reverse engineering the toolchain.


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