[SeaBIOS] seabios build failure in xen tree

Christoph Egger Christoph.Egger at amd.com
Tue Feb 7 14:35:11 CET 2012

Adding seabios ML.

On 01/26/12 16:06, Ian Campbell wrote:
 > On Thu, 2012-01-26 at 15:01 +0000, Christoph Egger wrote:
 >> On 01/26/12 15:51, Ian Campbell wrote:
 >>> On Thu, 2012-01-26 at 14:35 +0000, Christoph Egger wrote:
 >>>> gmake[6]: Entering directory tools/firmware/seabios-dir-remote
 >>>>      Building ld scripts (version "")
 >>>> env: python: No such file or directory
 >>>> gmake[6]: *** [out/romlayout16.lds] Error 127
 >>>> The python scripts must be invoked with $(PYTHON) as done
 >>>> throughout the build system.
 >>> SeaBIOS uses:
 >>> $ rgrep -i python tools/firmware/seabios-dir
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/transdump.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/buildrom.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/checkstack.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/encodeint.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/layoutrom.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/checkrom.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/readserial.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/readserial.py:Or: apt-get install 
 >>> tools/firmware/seabios-dir/tools/checksum.py:#!/usr/bin/env python
 >>> Does this not work? Should python be on your $PATH?
 >> It is. But the python binary on NetBSD's pkgsrc
 >> is called python<version>  to allow concurrent installations of 
 >> python versions.
 >> So I can have: python2.5, python2.6, python2.7, python3.1, etc.
 > There is no current "python" referring to the default version?
 > I think this is something you will need to work out with the SeaBIOS
 > upstream.
 > Ian.
 >> Christoph
 >>> Since SeaBIOS is third party code we are not so much at liberty to make
 >>> the same sorts of policy decisions as we would for our own code.
 >>> You could perhaps attempt to work around this by invoking the recursive
 >>> make into the seabios directory with PATH=$(dir-only $(PYTHON):$PATH or
 >>> whatever the appropriate runes are.
 >>> Or you could try posting a patch to SeaBIOS-devel, I don't know what
 >>> their thinking on this sort of thing is.

I see.

What python version does SeaBIOS require?
I have python 2.5 installed.

I manually created a python symlink to that version and then I get this 

gmake[6]: Entering directory 'tools/firmware/seabios-dir-remote'
   Building ld scripts (version "")
Fixed space: 0xe05b-0x10000  total: 8101  slack: 5 Percent slack: 0.1%
16bit size:           46336
32bit segmented size: 2005
32bit flat size:      14699
32bit flat init size: 53888
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./tools/layoutrom.py", line 579, in <module>
   File "./tools/layoutrom.py", line 576, in main
     writeLinkerScripts(sections, entrysym, genreloc, out16, out32seg, 
   File "./tools/layoutrom.py", line 257, in writeLinkerScripts
TypeError: int argument required
gmake[6]: *** [out/romlayout16.lds] Error 1


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