[SeaBIOS] VGA Callback function in SeaBIOS

Wolfgang Kamp - datakamp wmkamp at datakamp.de
Tue Dec 18 13:47:11 CET 2012

Hi Ronny,

unfortunately the vBIOS filename does not give you really information about the video BIOS configuration.
When you want to obtain the vBIOS from AMD support you have to fill out a request form with the configuration details.
You must choose the INT15H interface, LVDS support and so on.
I know that the Persimmon Video BIOS supports INT10H,  INT15H and LVDS.

Then you have to ways to support native LVDS TFT.
One is to add some code to "VGAHOOKS.c" in SeaBIOS to supply EDID data for the TFT or you can add an I2C EEPROM (24C02) with EDID data
on the LVDS port I2C lines.
The 2nd choice is the way I solved my problem.



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