[SeaBIOS] VGA Callback function in SeaBIOS

Ronny Treinat ronny.treinat at deuta.de
Mon Dec 17 09:53:25 CET 2012

Wolfgang Kamp - datakamp <wmkamp <at> datakamp.de> writes:
> Hi,
> I want to implement a Callback Function 
(04E08H- System BIOS INT 15H) for the AMD Video
 vBIOS (ATOM BIOS Extension Functions)
> to support LVDS TFT Displays with AMD G-Series
processors (Persimmon mainboard). 
> What is the best way to do this in SeaBIOS?
> I need some parameter like UMA base and size from Coreboot. 
How can I transfer this information from Coreboot to SeaBIOS?
> Thanks,
> Wolfgang
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Hi Wolfgang,

have you a soved your problem? 

I use VBIOS BR38334.014 on a AMD Fusion G-Series
plattform and want to switch on the LVDS lines.
But the INT 10H and INT 15H calls for ATOM BIOS 
don't work.


ronny.treinat at deuta.de

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