[SeaBIOS] [RFC PATCH 6/9] pc: pass paravirt info for hotplug memory slots to BIOS

Avi Kivity avi at redhat.com
Thu Apr 19 16:21:52 CEST 2012

On 04/19/2012 05:08 PM, Vasilis Liaskovitis wrote:
>  The numa_fw_cfg paravirt interface is extended to include SRAT information for
>  all hotplug-able memslots. There are 3 words for each hotplug-able memory slot,
>  denoting start address, size and node proximity. nb_numa_nodes is set to 1 by
>  default (not 0), so that we always pass srat info to SeaBIOS.
>  This information is used by Seabios to build hotplug memory device objects at runtime.

Please document this ABI.  I don't see an existing place, suggest
docs/specs/fwcfg.txt (only your additions need to be documented).

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