[SeaBIOS] Issues with ASRock E350M1

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sun May 29 10:17:40 CEST 2011

Kevin O'Connor wrote:

]> I also have USB keyboard problems, but my problem is different. For
]> each key I press, it repeats a couple dozen times. I solve the problem
]> by adding a 'break' to usb-hid.c:
]>     for (;;) {
]>         struct keyevent data;
]>         int ret = usb_poll_intr(pipe, &data);
]>         if (ret)
]>             break;
]>         handle_key(&data);
]>         break; <==================
]Can you generate and send a log with debug level set to 8 and the
]dprintf in usb-hid.c:handle_key() changed to 8?  Getting timestamps on
]the log (as with tools/readserial.py) would also help.
]> With this change, I am able to type well enough to get windbg started,
]> which is all I needed at the time. But typing is very sluggish. I
]> believe the sluggishness is due to use of 8254 periodic interrupt
]> polling to service the keyboard.
]Yeah - since the loop was disabled there's no longer a queue on USB
]key events.  This means any keys pressed faster than 55ms are dropped.

Hello Kevin,

I decided to try and debug this myself. The attached patch is what I
came up with. Within the limitations of typing abilities, it is now
perfect. No sluggishness and no dropped keys. The head == next check
was failing when it should have passed. The reason is that the
toggleCarry bit is often set in endpoint descriptor dword #2, at least
on AMD hardware. Hopefully this change is compatible with qemu, Intel,
and other OHCI controllers.


Mask toggleCarry and Halted flags in endpoint descriptor dword #2 so that
the remaining head pointer field is valid for comparing with the next

Signed-off-by: Scott Duplichan <scott at notabs.org>

--- seabios-0.6.2-original\src\usb-ohci.c	Mon Feb 28 21:10:57 2011
+++ seabios-0.6.2\src\usb-ohci.c	Sun May 29 02:47:30 2011
@@ -501,7 +501,7 @@
     struct ohci_pipe *pipe = container_of(p, struct ohci_pipe, pipe);
     struct ohci_td *tds = GET_FLATPTR(pipe->tds);
-    struct ohci_td *head = (void*)GET_FLATPTR(pipe->ed.hwHeadP);
+    struct ohci_td *head = (void*)(GET_FLATPTR(pipe->ed.hwHeadP) &
     struct ohci_td *tail = (void*)GET_FLATPTR(pipe->ed.hwTailP);
     int count = GET_FLATPTR(pipe->count);
     int pos = (tail - tds + 1) % count;
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