[SeaBIOS] Graphics card pass-through working with two pass pci-initialization

André Weidemann Andre.Weidemann at web.de
Fri May 27 21:50:39 CEST 2011

On 27.05.2011 21:40, André Weidemann wrote:

> If I am not mistaken then the graphics card needs 2 bars, one with 256MB
> and one with 128K. The sound card then needs 1 bar with 16K of PCI memory.
> How big is the PCI memory with seabios?
> Is there really not enough space to "squeeze" in those extra 16K?

I obviously forgot to add up the other memory that is used...
32MB go to the standard VGA card. Running qemu-kvm with "-vga none" did 
not work, so I left it in. And the e1000 NIC needs another 128K.

I'll see if I can get rid of the standard VGA card. I guess that should 
free enough memory for the sound card.


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