[SeaBIOS] Issues with ASRock E350M1

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Fri May 27 09:11:14 CEST 2011

Marshall Buschman wrote:

]I was instructed to send mail to you by Carebear from #coreboot.
]I have some issues to report based on the "Golden Image" I received from 
]him, which was created for the ASRock E350M1.
]The first is with hard drive detection - there is a reliability problem 
]here - only once out of every 5 to 12 times the machine posts will it 
]detect the hard drive successfully.
]The hard drive is a Corsair F120 SSD. I do have another, smaller 16GB 
]Kingston SSD I can test with.

I am not sure if your image is using the AHCI interface or IDE
interface. It really doesn't matter, there is a problem to debug either
way. You need to find someone to debug using the Corsair F120 SSD, or
debug it yourself. Is the problem for powerup only or both powerup
and cold reset button?

]The second problem is that on booting, GRUB (I do not have the version 
]on hand -- whatever gentoo is shipping as stable at this point) behaves 
]very, very strangely with my USB keyboard.
]I should point out that it does not work 100% correctly on another 
]machine under Fedora's grub, so this may bear further testing with 
]another keyboard.

I also have USB keyboard problems, but my problem is different. For
each key I press, it repeats a couple dozen times. I solve the problem
by adding a 'break' to usb-hid.c:

    for (;;) {
        struct keyevent data;
        int ret = usb_poll_intr(pipe, &data);
        if (ret)
        break; <==================

With this change, I am able to type well enough to get windbg started,
which is all I needed at the time. But typing is very sluggish. I
believe the sluggishness is due to use of 8254 periodic interrupt
polling to service the keyboard.


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