[SeaBIOS] [PATCH] Add config option to disable MTRR initialization.

Sebastian Herbszt herbszt at gmx.de
Thu Mar 10 22:50:30 CET 2011

Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 09:37:59PM +0100, Sebastian Herbszt wrote:
>> Kevin O'Connor wrote:
>> >Some versions of Bochs don't like the MTRR initialization, so add
>> Which versions don't?
> I ran into it with the version fc14 has - Bochs v2.4.5.  I get:
> 00034041578i[CPU0 ] 0x01fe28e9>> wrmsr  : 0F30
> 00034041578e[CPU0 ] exception(): 3rd (13) exception with no resolution, shutdown status is 00h, resetting
> 00034041578i[SYS  ] bx_pc_system_c::Reset(HARDWARE) called
> 00034041578i[CPU0 ] cpu hardware reset
> and then the boot restarts.  The issue goes away if I disable the MTRR
> init.
> -Kevin

Can you please post your "cpuid" lines from your bochsrc file and the CPU configuration related
lines from the top of the bochsout.txt file?


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