[SeaBIOS] Graphics card pass-through working with two pass pci-initialization

Jan Kiszka jan.kiszka at siemens.com
Tue Jun 7 10:05:59 CEST 2011

On 2011-06-06 08:30, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
>    Hi,
>> As Jan points out though, is a dynamic PCI region really needed?
>> Those that need a large PCI region are also likely to need a large
>> amount of memory.  Maybe the space for PCI should just be increased.
> Just changing it will not work as it will break live migration.

Changing logic in the BIOS won't break migration (the active BIOS is
included in the migration of RAM, current mappings are part of the
device states). Changing the 4G mapping in qemu's hw/pc_piix.c would
break it and needs to be coupled to the machine version.


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