[SeaBIOS] Updated Geode vga bios

Nils njacobs8 at adsltotaal.nl
Sat Dec 24 21:29:32 CET 2011

Hi Kevin,

you wrote:
>I went through the latest Geode VGA BIOS patch and updated it to merge
>with the current tree.  I also fixed it up so that it doesn't need to
>modify the common code.
>Unfortunately, I have no ability to test this code.  So, I don't know
>if it works properly.  Hopefully someone with the hardware can run a

The last weeks the VGA code is changing rapidly, very nice.
Thanks to all involved.

I use a patched version that was almost ready to send.(just a little

I will look at your patch and adapt it to Geode GX2.

I can only test on GX2, i don't have a LX but it only needs some minor


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