[SeaBIOS] [BUG] [Seabios] PCI 64bit BARs on Win2008 - unable to start the device. (ACPI lacks the _DSM method)

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Tue Dec 13 12:11:31 CET 2011


>> Two possible ideas:
>> 1. Pass the value in from qemu
> Do you mean to create the 64bit region dynamically? I've tried to obtain
> RAM size somehow inside DSL code, but the ACPI spec doesn't tell how to
> do that.

There is a global variable IIRC.  You could also check the e820 table
passed in from qemu.

>> 2. Get a range toward the upper end of the memory, around 1<<40
> Yes. This solution works great. And this is very simple as well. Just
> wondering if it will be good as a complete solution?

I would have tried this first too ;)

Care to share the patches so we can review & merge them?


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