[SeaBIOS] Pending patch summary

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Fri Sep 3 04:25:12 CEST 2010

Patches pending:

  Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu: 20100828:
  iommu: introduce AMD IOMMU support, initialize it

  * Likely for post v0.6.1 release

  Isaku Yamahata: 20100722:
  acpi: allow qemu to load dsdt as external acpi table.

  * Needs resolution on acpi patches

  Isaku Yamahata: 20100819:
  seabios: acpi: add mcfg table.

  * Needs resolution on acpi patches

Patches pending with author:

  Isaku Yamahata: 20100726:
  seabios: pciinit: fix overflow when bar allocation.

  * Isaku was looking at another approach

  Sebastian Herbszt: 20100731:
  EDD fixes

  * Initial patch looked like it may break backwards compatibility; I
    haven't seen a new patch.

Patches not applied:

  Arseny Klimovsky: 20100621:
  Added ACPI SLIC table

  * There was no explicit patch sent, and approach (eg, recompile
    seabios) doesn't look scalable.

  Eduardo Habkost: 20100618:
  Allow acpi and smbios default strings to be set on config.h

  * Should no longer be needed now that smbios strings can be passed
    in via fwcfg.

  Christopher Gautier: 20100723:
  Impossible to distinguish between two '/' keys

  * No explicit patch sent, and I didn't understand the description.

  Gleb Natapov: 20100614:
  load hpet info for HPET ACPI table from qemu

  * Gleb withdrew this patch due to a bug.  Concept is pending ACPI

Please let me know if I've missed any thing.

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