[SeaBIOS] [PATCH 0/8] option rom loading overhaul.

Anthony Liguori anthony at codemonkey.ws
Fri Dec 18 15:35:44 CET 2009

Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
> From: Anthony Liguori <aliguori at us.ibm.com>
>   Hi,
> Option rom saga continued.  This is the first series I consider ready
> for merging.  Changes:
>   * pci roms: will be loaded via option pci rom bar.
>   * non-pci roms: will be loaded via fw_cfg.
> Note that using the old bochs-bios based pc-bios will stop working
> with this patch series applied.
> The last two patches of this series are *not* intended to be merged,
> they are just for testing convinience.  They carry a new seabios
> binary and the changes needed and turn on bios debug messages in qemu.
> Seabios patches will be posted shortly as separate patch series.

I know this series carries a good bit of risk but I'd like to bring it 
in 0.12.0.  Because this has a guest visible change to the PCI devices, 
we cannot carry it in stable-0.12 post release and I think the 
functionality it brings it's very important.  Otherwise, it's easy to 
trip up with using multiple nics and extboot in qemu-kvm.

Any objections?


Anthony Liguori

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