[openfirmware] Troubleshooting VGA under qemu? [patch]

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Oct 2 21:21:56 CET 2015

Summary: tested, missing some change box.

I've tested your patch with qmeu-2.0.0 and it mostly works.

	qemu-system-i386  -L . -bios emuofw.rom  -hda fat:. -vga vmware

But when a burst of text occurs some of the screen is not updated.  To
reproduce, type show-devs at the ok prompt.  See attached window

Forcing an X refresh of qemu does not fix.

Forcing a screen scroll does fix.

Forcing a whole screen change in the Open Firmware driver does fix:

	ok select /display  screen-changed

Debugger with serial shows char-changed is being called by

My guess is that this may be a problem with the qemu-2.0.0 vmware
driver, or that the burst of char-changed register writes is lost by
qemu.  Can you reproduce with later qemu?

James Cameron
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