[openfirmware] Problem with a:\nvram.dat in qemu

Christian Johansson christ64 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 23:57:11 CET 2011

I tried to enable the 'pseudo-nvram' by enable the 'create pseudo-nvram'
in /cpu/x86/pc/emu/config.fth.

But after attaching floppyof.img (from
http://www.firmworks.com/linux/ ), i get this on init:
Can't read the configuration memory
The configuration memory is invalid.  Using default values.

If I type 'dir a:', I get the reply:
--A-rwxrwxrwx      4096  2010-12-30 16:32:24  NVRAM.DAT

And if I type:
setenv auto-boot? true 
I get:         
Failed to transfer any blocks
seek failed in translate-params
Failed to transfer any blocks
Flushbuf error
auto-boot? =          true

'.partition a' doesn't give any reply, besides the header.

Is there another option that will have to be enabled or what have I done

//Br Christian

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