[openfirmware] r1637 - cpu/x86/pc/olpc/via

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Mon Dec 21 16:54:00 CET 2009

Author: pgf
Date: 2009-12-21 16:54:00 +0100 (Mon, 21 Dec 2009)
New Revision: 1637

update with answers to a few of the questions re: the post-selftest stage.

Modified: cpu/x86/pc/olpc/via/mfgtests.txt
--- cpu/x86/pc/olpc/via/mfgtests.txt	2009-12-18 19:25:35 UTC (rev 1636)
+++ cpu/x86/pc/olpc/via/mfgtests.txt	2009-12-21 15:54:00 UTC (rev 1637)
@@ -111,13 +111,17 @@
        tag exchange with server 
        barcode scan of serial number to verify that the board and case are still paired
-       ??? Is the filename the MB (B#) or the case serial number (SN) ?
-       ??? If the filename is the SN, why is the SN in the request file?
-           The server can't verify if it only has the SN and not the board#
+       the filename used in the tag exchange is based on the SN, despite
+       the additional cross-checking that would be available if it were
+       based on the MB number (B#).
        delete MS and BD tags, insert tags from server
        ??? what is the format of the WP:N and AK:N info from the server?  Is it WP:0 / WP:1, or presence/absence ?
        TS should be SHIP at this point
        ??? Does the server send TS:SHIP or does the script inject it verbatim?
+       the TS tag as sent from the server is "FINAL".  the script changes
+       it to "SHIP".
+       the final result report is submitted to the "Handshake" directory
+       on the server.  (not "Result")
 # If selftest failed, red screen and stop.  State of machine (BD tag,
     \runin\olpc.fth) left the same as at the start of this phase so

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