[openfirmware] Building ofw for Geode LX DB800 evaluation board

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Thu May 22 10:44:04 CEST 2008

> I checked in some openfirmware changes to fix the lxdevel build.
> ...
>  b) Built the lxdevel version - it compiles cleanly - but did not try it 
> on actual hardware
> There is a residual OLPC dependency in the nand5536 driver, which 
> includes a couple of files from dev/olpc/cafenand/ .  I doubt that will 
> be a problem in practice.
We built and run it on DB800 but we don't see anything on the serial port :(
Unfortunately testing new code on DB800 takes a lot of time because we 
have to remove the PLCC32 boot flash and reprogram it with an external 
However we have a custom board that provides an easy connection to LCP 
Dongle by Artec. Here we can test new code quite quickly.
In the meanwhile I'll try to make an adaptor cable to connect LPC dongle 
to DB800 (unfortunately hardware designers chose to use a 1.27mm pitch 
connector for LPC bus that is not very handy to manage).


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