[OpenBIOS] failed to build

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Fri Jan 12 14:26:50 CET 2018

On 12/01/18 13:19, Jens Bauernfeind wrote:

> It seems that out of the box my coreboot image is not able to start in qemu:
> 8<---
> qemu-system-x86_64 -M q35 -bios coreboot/build/coreboot.rom -nographic
> qemu-system-x86_64: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0x00000000000a0000
> 8<---
> Jens

How about instead pointing directly to the OpenBIOS ELF binary instead, 
e.g. -bios path/to/openbios.elf? That should definitely work.

Also you can try both with and without -nographic depending upon whether 
the VGA driver is enabled or not.



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