[OpenBIOS] Curious as to current status

Jonathan C Day Imipak at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 10 06:04:40 CEST 2017


The git repository seems alive, so there's someone out there, but the main website hasn't been updated in a while and the list is... quiet.

I'm looking to find out where OpenBIOS is, if it handles large devices (or if I need TianoCore for that, which I'd really not like) and whether the project is still in serious development (good) or is more maintenance mode (proprietary vendors have won).

I'm also curious as to what will boot cleanly. Coreboot only seems to give results for direct payloads and SeaBIOS, and I don't see a list on OpenBIOS' site (but may have missed it), so it's not obvious what works well, what's YMMV and what's in the paperweight category.

If things are semi-active to active, and if I can find a way to program the flash chip when things fail, I'd be happy to do testing.

Jonathan Day

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