[OpenBIOS] Error when crosscompiling for qemu-ppc64

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Fri Nov 18 11:49:31 CET 2016

On 18/11/16 07:33, Michael wrote:

Hi Michael,

> Hello list! A few days ago I found this openfirmware and the forth in it
> and wanted to try it out in a project for powerpc (64 bit).
> My openbios version is latest from git (master), last patch from 2016-10-09
> (1dc4f162efc0f00a36126cab8e7b906335f6b706).
> I used this because the version 1.1 has two bugs I stumbled upon.
> I am cross-compiling on amd64 (host with debian) for ppc64 target and
> therefore call the script "switch-arch qemu-ppc64".

Currently the QEMU build is pretty much the default, or at least it is
miles ahead of the code for original hardware since I'm not sure anyone
has tried to run it on real PPC hardware in years...

Anyhow to answer your question you should be able to just do:

./config/scripts/switch-arch ppc64

> The settings in the generated files under obj-ppc64 look OK to me.
> But (there is allways this "but") I have a compile error:
> moew at debhost:~/OpenFirmware/openbios# make
>   GEN   bootstrap.dict
>   panic: segmentation violation at 0xdf1ec62c
>   dict=0x7f0edf1ec010 here=0x7f0edf1ec638(dict+0x628) pc=0x0(dict+0x20e13ff0)
>   dstackcnt=0 rstackcnt=0 instruction=deadbeef
>   dstack: 0x0
>   rstack: 0x0
>   Writing dictionary core file
>   rules.mak:68: recipe for target 'bootstrap.dict' failed
>   make: *** [bootstrap.dict] Error 1
> It seems that the generating of the forth dictionary fails? Where can I get
> more information? The logs contain not much more info.
> When I compile the same sources for target amd64, then it builds and works.

You can get more verbose output by running "make V=1" which should also
be logged in obj-ppc64/build.log.

If you are getting errors building one of the Forth dictionaries e.g.
syntax errors in Forth then the Forth compiler outputs per dictionary
can be found in the obj-ppc64/*-console.log files.



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