[OpenBIOS] Why some Linux distributions start booting to black screens

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 20:42:56 CET 2016

On 08/03/16 03:55, Programmingkid wrote:

> Some Linux distributions like Fedora start booting to an all black screen. I found out the reason why is because there appears to be something wrong with the screen node's color! word. 
> If you type these commands in OpenBIOS:
> dev screen
> see color!
> You will see that color! is empty. This would definitely prevent the color of text from being changed. 

color! definitely does work as I spent some time digging into it when I
rewrote the framebuffer code a while back. The issue seemed either
endian or depth related because the problem goes away in 8-bit mode,
e.g. try booting with -g 800x600x8 but I didn't really dig that far.



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