[OpenBIOS] [PATCH] ppc: force target CPU

BALATON Zoltan balaton at eik.bme.hu
Mon Jan 25 18:08:23 CET 2016

On Mon, 25 Jan 2016, Laurent Vivier wrote:
>>>>> $ ./config/scripts/switch-arch ppc64
>>>>> Configuring OpenBIOS on ppc64 for ppc64
>>>>> Initializing build tree /home/laurent/Projects/openbios/obj-ppc64...ok.
>>>>> Creating target config.mak...ok.
>>>>> Creating target rules.mak...ok.
>>>>> Creating config files...ok.
>>>>> [laurent at pmacg5-1 openbios]$ make
>>>>> Building OpenBIOS for ppc64
>>>>> Building...
>>>>> error:
>>>>> HOSTCC host/kernel/dict.o
>>>>> HOSTCC host/kernel/bootstrap.o
>>>>> HOSTCC host/kernel/forth.o
>>>>> HOSTCC host/kernel/stack.o
>>>>> HOSTCC forthstrap
>>>>> GEN   bootstrap.dict
>>>>> panic: segmentation violation at 0x87a1062c
>>>>> dict=0x3fff87a10010 here=0x3fff87a10638(dict+0x628) pc=0x0(dict+0x785efff0)
>>>>> dstackcnt=0 rstackcnt=0 instruction=deadbeef
>>>>> dstack: 0x0
>>>>> rstack: 0x0
>>>>> Writing dictionary core file
>>>>> rules.mak:69: recipe for target 'bootstrap.dict' failed
>>>>> make[1]: *** [bootstrap.dict] Error 1
>>>>> make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/laurent/Projects/openbios/obj-ppc64'
>>>>> Makefile:19: recipe for target 'build' failed
>>>>> make: *** [build] Error 1

Does running 'make V=1' reveal more errors? Or maybe you could check 
bootstrap.dict-console.log or some other console.log files if they are 
created for some more clues whay it fails.

>>> 64bit host: gcc (GCC) 5.1.1 20150618 (Red Hat 5.1.1-4)

Can you try with gcc 4.x? 5.x could be stricter that might cause problems 
but of course best would be if that could be fixed.


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